2013 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid

2013 Hyundai Sonata Delivers Higher Fuel Economy

2013 Sonata Hybrid Emblem

The new 2013 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid four door sedan is so much more than just a green friendly automobile and shows a dedication to excellence in the competitive midsize market that includes such perennial favorites as Toyota Camry, Honda Accord, Ford Fusion and other more established makes. An updated navigation system is in the spotlight for the 2013 Sonata with slight adjustments to standard features on other models.

The 2013 Sonata Hybrid now available at Palm Springs Hyundai delivers higher fuel economy than the similar hybrid models offered from Toyota and Honda with its new parallel hybrid system enabling the Sonata to drive at up to 62 miles per hour on the 40 horsepower electric motor. The transmission on the Sonata Hybrid is different from the other hybrids using continuously variable transmission; instead the same six speed automatic that drives other Sonata models also handles the shifting for the hybrid version.

The $200 lower starting price on the 2013 Sonata Hybrid is definitely having a positive effect on sales but the newest generation also features a six percent increase in fuel economy as well as the increased driving performance in electric only mode. The increased performance is assisted by the improved 47kw lithium polymer batter pack which while reducing weight and size produces more power than before and frees up 1.4 cubic feet more trunk space. This updated battery pack increases the power harvested from the engine as well as from regenerative braking which increases the availability of electric power when needed.

The improved Hybrid Starter Generator increases power for engine starts and ramps up charging capacity which according to Hyundai helps to reduce friction and wear on the six speed automatic transmission.

Hyundai left the exterior styling mostly unchanged since the last major revision of 2011, but the drag coefficient for the 2013 Sonata Hybrid has been reduced to .024 with aerodynamic adjustments making it one of the lowest ratios in the market. The changes while seemingly minute definitely contribute to the combined economy of 37 miles per gallon with the Limited model and 38 MPG for the hybrid with up to 40 for highway driving.

Price is no longer an objection as it was with early hybrid models; the 2013 Sonata Hybrid base price is $25,650 plus the obligatory $795 dealer delivery fee with upgraded standard features such as heated front seats, keyless entry, 16 inch Eco-spoke alloy wheels, Bluetooth and Hyundai Blue Link telematics.

For a few grand more you can drive the Sonata Hybrid Limited with leather seating, steering wheel and shift knob, 17 inch Eco-spoke alloy wheels, rear vision backup camera, HD radio, and available panoramic glass sunroof for another $1000 plus much more.

Come to Palm Springs Hyundai and experience the new 2013 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid today!



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